#Budget2018 Recap: The Key Announcements

Hammond said this budget was for “hard working families…people who we on this side of the House are proud to represent”. A budget that “paves the way for a brighter future”, as we are “opening a new chapter in our economic history”. He confirmed what the Prime Minister said earlier this month, that “the era of austerity is finally coming to an end”. Continue reading #Budget2018 Recap: The Key Announcements

The Abuse of Women in Politics #NameThem

It is deeds and not words that are needed now. The party should lead by example, and name the individuals who made such comments and take action against them. To protect our democracy, we have a duty to hold such individuals and organisations — particularly those in positions of influence — to account when they cross the line of basic human decency. Continue reading The Abuse of Women in Politics #NameThem