This Is Why I’m Supporting Andrea Leadsom To Be Our Next Prime Minister

The leadership election had not even started before I knew exactly who I would be backing as the next leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party. A strong supporter of Andrea Leadsom in the 2016 leadership contest, my support for her has been unwavering over the years.

Like many, her cheerful and passionate leadership pitch in 2016 inspired me.

After the referendum result to leave the European Union left the country deeply divided, it was refreshing to have a candidate championing the decision to leave the European Union and doing so in such a jovial and enthusiastic way. As well as understanding the deep divisions, with empathy and genuine upset she sought to heal them.

‘We haven’t lost our senses, we haven’t stopped caring about each other, we haven’t stopped loving our families and our children, we haven’t stopped loving our country either. We’ve just rediscovered our freedom.’

Passion and excitability are two qualities that embody Leadsom, as well as a clear vision for what she wants for our country and a strong drive to succeed. This determination she credits to her mother’s hard work during Leadsom’s childhood.

This leadership bid is based on two key things, decisiveness and compassion. This is why I believe she has both qualities in abundance.

As Leader of the House of Commons, Leadsom truly excelled herself. From championing the pilot scheme for proxy voting in the House of Commons, to the Restoration and Renewal Bill, and her fight to change the culture of bullying and sexual harassment in Parliament, there is a lot to be proud of. Leadsom truly has changed the way the Houses of Parliament runs forever. Those workers, MPs, and visitors will have her to thank for her campaign for a safer and fairer workplace.

That is some legacy to leave as Leader of the House.

These are all evidence which points to a candidate that has steely determination, strong leadership qualities, and the ability to make difficult decisions. When there is a goal and a task at hand, Leadsom digs in and gets the job done.

One thing Leadsom certainly cannot be accused of lacking is compassion. A passionate campaigner for infant and parent mental health, she is determined to promote the importance of the 1,001 critical days to give babies the best start in life. Often commented on is her general smiley and kind personality, something that is often missing in politics these days.

Her previous career in the financial sector is a strong indicator to her hard working, determined and decisive streak. While her work with charities over the years points to the kind-hearted, compassionate nature we have come to expect from her. However, that does not mean she is weak or too nice for leadership, far from it. She is a formidable debating opponent, and does not ~flounce~ in front of her critics.

There is a distinct personal theme to my support for Andrea though. Andrea has personally done a lot to help myself, to encourage and build my confidence. For that I am genuinely grateful. I spent a week’s work experience in her offices, an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and will remember forever. I have a lot to thank Andrea for, I have never stopped believing in Leadsom for Leader and I would love nothing more than to do my bit to help her be elected leader of our party.

I believe the country needs a leader who is ready to take on the difficult challenge of leaving the European Union. Someone who can make tough decisions, and fight the United Kingdom’s corner in the world. As well as focusing on the domestic issues that trouble our great country today, and I believe we need someone who genuinely cares, who has compassion and understanding in order to tackle these issues. We need a decisive and compassionate Prime Minister to lead our country into a brighter future.

This is why I am supporting Andrea Leadsom for Leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

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