The Climate Strike Chants Show The Fatal Flaw In The “Sisterhood”

During today’s Climate Strike, students were filmed walking down Whitehall chanting “one two three four, Theresa May’s a f***ing wh*ore”. This isn’t the first time Theresa May has been the subject of chants and shouts during climate strike marches. During the original “School Strike”, teenagers were filmed shouting “f*ck Theresa May”.

What this footage emphasises is the long existing problem with a particular type of left-wing feminism. The type whose feminism stops when it comes to women whom they don’t agree with politically.

They’ll preach about the importance of using the correct language, they’ll (rightly) call out the mistreatment of women by the media, they’ll call out statements like “grab her by the p*ssy” – just like every other feminist would.

The problem is that they’ll fall deathly silent when such behaviour is aimed at Conservative women. We’ve seen this happen time and time again. Theresa May is the perfect case in point. If a man had called a left-wing female politician a “f*cking whore” they would be demanding an official apology.

What we saw today was how some girls, who will no doubt call themselves feminists, actively take part in the very behaviour they spend their time calling out – simply because their politics differs from the person they’re hurling abuse at.

You can criticise women in politics, just like you would any other politician. Criticise them for their policy stances or their behaviour. You can do that without calling them a “f*cking w*ore”. There’s no need for such behaviour, even more so when you can almost be guaranteed that those filmed are likely to have a “I’m a feminist” badge pinned onto their school bag. We are seeing more and more women being turned off politics because of the abuse they see being thrown at women in frontline politics. Those chants were simply shouted because Theresa May is a Conservative woman, and a difference in political view is what led to her being the subject of that chant.

Shouting “Theresa May is a f*cking w*ore” outside Downing Street achieves nothing other than to show how one sided your “sisterhood” is.

Environmentalism? Yes.

One sided feminism? No thanks.

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