Like all the ‘dick pics’ you want Sally, you have my full support

When people elect an MP, they feel entitlement. Not only to what they vote for, what committees they sit on, what portfolios they hold, but also their private life. There is a view that as someone is there to represent their residents, their residents feel this goes beyond political decision, but also moral and social as well. Everyone is entitled to a private life, but from the day you are selected to stand, your private life is no more.

Sally Keeble, former MP from 1997-2010 for Northampton North and Labour’s PPC, learnt this the hard way this week after she was allegedly hacked and like a ‘dick pic’ from her Twitter account. The action was brought to people’s attention after Brandon Lewis, Tory Party Chairman, tweeted calling for a comment on her activities by Jeremy Corbyn and asking how she is still a Labour candidate.

Are we not past the time where women had to hide that they were sexually active, where women couldn’t sleep with more than one person, even before marriage?

Women should be able to ‘like’ a picture of a sexual nature, if they so wish.

When people like Sally have so many other things to be taken criticised for, such as their poor record on improving transport, or their neglect of their role in agriculture, why chose to take her to task for liking a picture of a sexual nature?

Being sexually open is so taboo, but why? We all know it happens. So why are we still so prude?

Politicians need to be judged on their merits and voting record. People need to stop obsessing about what goes on in their private life. If someone is good at their job, then why do people care what they get up to in their spare time. I do not care what MPs do in their spare time, so long as it does not detract from their work and responsibilities.

Brandon Lewis chastising a woman for liking a ‘dick pic’ shows the imbalance of gender that is still ripe within politics.

Nick Clegg was asked in a GQ interview in 2008 about how many people he had slept with and responded with, “no more than 30 … it’s a lot less than that“. He then went on to comment on what he’s like in the bedroom stating, “I don’t think I am particularly brilliant or particularly bad“. James Cleverly admitted in 2015 to smoking weed, watching porn and vomiting after drinking when he was younger. When the dirty dossier came out that referenced MPs personal relationships with each other, the men were praised, the women were shamed.

Imagine if a female MP came out and said in an interview that she had slept with 30 people, had smoked weed, watched porn and gotten drunk to the point of throwing up. She’d be instantly slut shamed, told she wasn’t fit to be an MP and would be subjected to a world of criticism. Inside, when a male MP does this, he’s considered “a lad”.

If someone wants to watch porn, smoke weed, get drunk and be successful in the bedroom, then praise to them for living their best life. I believe that people can do whatever they want in their private life and I don’t have a right to judge or a right to know.

But for people to be able to be open about their lives and honest about their interests, we need to reach a point of acceptance. To do that, we must stop chastising people the moment they show a bit of normality, such as liking a ‘dick pic’. With social media on the rise, it is getting more and more difficult to keep a private life truly private. So instead of fighting against it, let’s swallow our British awkwardness at the slightest sexual reference and let’s embrace a politician showing a bit of normality.

Like all the ‘dick pics’ you want Sally, you have my full support, live your best life. I’m more offended by the socialism.

One thought on “Like all the ‘dick pics’ you want Sally, you have my full support

  1. MPs private life colours their views and their behaviour in Parliament, so of course it is relevant. If an MP has an unconventional private life, it will affect their opinion of the family lives of the rest of the population, and place less value on the conventional. I want an MP to have a conventional private life, like me, and not smoke weed or go out having multiple sexual adventures.


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