Let’s Sort This Bloody Mess

Almost half the population can relate to the dreaded feeling that comes when Mother Nature decides to pop in to visit. The mood swings, cramps, aches, pains, and sudden panic; “Do I have a tampon?”.

Period poverty and the campaigns aimed at combating this have become increasingly present shining a much-needed light on a high profile issue across both developing and developed nations, however, it is astonishing how many women in developed nations still don’t have access to proper hygiene facilities and products when they need them.

a bloody mess ppA campaign, fittingly titled “a bloody mess” has been launched this month aiming to combat the issue of the availability of female hygiene products. The campaign has shed light on the fact that inadequate access to female hygiene products is evidently present across the UK. A survey conducted by Initial Washroom showed that over half of the female respondents said that they had experienced a situation in which there was no feminine hygiene unit available when they needed one. Organisations have a duty of care to their employees and customers. Not only are there often no vending machines for such products, but there is also often no means of hygienically disposing of them either.

Research from the campaign has shown that getting caught short when on your period is a common reality for many and can occur almost anywhere. From schools to service stations, pubs to Parliament, the availability of feminine hygiene products is significantly lacking and the ‘Bloody Mess’ campaign wants to change this.

Already the campaign has received significant interest and has a planned roundtable discussion on the 18th February at CCHQ, promising an evening of pizza, prosecco and periods. Event details and tickets can be found here.

If you want to get involved there is a survey live where you can give your experiences and sign up to emails from the campaign, https://goo.gl/forms/IvUR48MfxfUic4zq2.


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