WATCH: May should go “shoot herself” says People’s Assembly March speaker as abuse against MPs continues

2019 has hardly started, and we’ve already seen more than enough of MPs being targeted and made victims of abuse. From Anna Soubry being mobbed coming back from an interview on College Green, to MPs facing death threats over Brexit. Not a day goes by without another example of this kind of behaviour.

Today at the People’s Assembly protest in central London, Weyman Bennett told the gathered crowd that Theresa May should “go shoot herself”. Bennett is the Joint Secretary of Unite Against Fascism, and his speech was watched by Owen Jones and John McDonnell, who both spoke after him.

Just this week Bennett wrote an article condemning the abuse of MPs such as Anna Soubry by far right activists at College Green. He said that “certain politicians and a right wing press intensifying a campaign of racist scapegoating and a toxic narrative of hate, were factors that shaped the murderer of the late Jo Cox”. Ironic words from a man who would a few days later tell the Prime Minister to go “shoot herself”.

It isn’t solely the hard right that are targeting our politicians – the hard left are just as much at fault. Regardless of whatever moral high ground they claim to have.

Our message today is simple:

If you condemn abuse when it’s targeted at the “right sort” of woman, or someone you agree with – and then remain silent when it’s against someone you don’t like, such as Theresa May, then you’re also part of the problem.

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