Conservatives Are The New Progressives

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In the United Kingdom, Theresa May has been responsible for many recent reforms. These include the Modern Slavery Act, her ‘personal mission’ to deal with the housing crisis, her government’s pledge to put an end to homelessness, her announcement that austerity is over and her advocacy to encourage more women into politics.

These actions show that Conservatives create a progressive society. What many outside the bubble do not notice, is that progressive policies are championed by Conservatives.

In my country, the Philippines, our conservative politicians have made policies that are progressive. These policies are commonly attributed to liberals.

For instance, one of the authors of the proposed Expanded Maternity Leave Law in the Philippines (which grants a maternity leave of 105 days to mothers), is Senator Maria Lourdes Nancy Binay, who is known for her conservative political stances. The expanded maternity leave is a policy that is commonly attributed to the liberals, but in the case of the Philippines, one of its main supporters is a conservative politician.

Another instance is the fact that in the Philippines, the Ang Kapatiran Party, which is one of the Philippines’ conservative political parties, supports gun control. Again, gun control is a policy that is commonly attributed to the liberals.

With only seven months until the 2019 General Elections in the Philippines, the Filipino people are looking forward to voting for politicians who would work on progressing the Filipino society.

Enter Rizalito David, a conservative senatorial aspirant for the Philippine general election of 2019 who is running as an independent.

He is an advocate for ending modern slavery, and is an advocate for women. He went against the Marcos dictatorship while he was at university.

Advocating for the abolition of modern slavery, the protection of women’s rights, and democracy are just some of the many things that make up a progressive society; in the Philippines, and in the world.

Here in the Philippines, it is our conservatives and our progressive liberals who tend to agree with policies more (although the way they implement the policies differ sometimes) – whether it is on issues like the expanded maternity leave, or fair wages for workers, or upholding our democracy.

The regressive liberals have long claimed that they are the true progressives in our world. Reality proves them to be wrong. Those who actually have progressive policies are either among the conservatives or among the progressive liberals.

While the regressive liberals are the ones who are trying to infringe on people’s human rights (along with the extremists on both sides of the political spectrum), it is the conservatives who are fighting to protect these human rights.

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Theresa May, in the United Kingdom, and Rizalito David in the Philippines, are two political figures who prove that a progressive society occurs at the hands of conservatives.

To quote Rizalito David, “At this day and age, when protecting life against the forces that seek to annihilate it, is facing its greatest challenge, conservatives are the new progressives.

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